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Family Law in Thailand

Family law in Thailand can be very difficult in comparison to other countries. We here at Tarrant Legal have decades of experience dealing with legal cases involving family issues. 

Our legal team strives to get the best outcome for you and your family. Below our some of the services that we provide for family law and what we can do for you. If you know what you need you can skip the reading and get in contact with us now at Tarrant Legal and we will fight for you.

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Marriage Registration in Thailand

If you are planning on getting married then congratulations from Tarrant Legal. But marriage in Thailand can be difficult to navigate for the average person, but we take the pain out of it. We have expert marriage lawyers that have decades of marriage experience ready to guide you. They will help you understand what is required of yourself and your soon to be husband or wife.
The process is fairly simple to begin with. If you are a foreigner marrying a Thai person then it requires you to visit your nearest embassy. In Thailand marriage registration is normally a Thai national marrying another Thai national, or a foreigner getting married to a Thai. Sometimes even a foreigner getting married to another foreigner. Regardless of who is getting married Thai marriage registration is not that complicated but filling out all the paperwork with the correct information can be
Nearly all documents completed or provided will have to be translated into Thai. The embassy for your nation will have to affirm that yes you are a citizen of that conuntry and that you are also single. Only once that has been completed will you be allowed to marry in Thailand. The affirmation usually does not take that long and with some input from a marriage lawyer it can be an overnight process. If you plan to get married in Thailand then you will need to provide the following documents to the local district government: Once the marriage registration process is complete a Marriage Certification will be provided. Any foreigner wanting to marry in Thailand needs to provide the following documents at the local district government. You will need the following documents:
  • Affidavit or Affirmation of Freedom to Marry
  • A Copy of your passport
  • If previously married, a Divorce or Death Certificate for your former spouse
Your Thai partner would need to provide the following documents:
  • A National ID Card or a Valid ID card
  • A House Registration Certificate
  • The Original Divorce or Death Certificate of their former spouse
  • Any name change certificates
Before taking any steps we recommend contacting our Marriage Lawyers. They will guide you on exactly what to do.

Divorce Thailand

People divorce for all kinds of reasons and it can be a very messy affair. In Thailand there are 2 main kinds of divorce. Contested divorce and uncontested divorce.
So whats the difference?
An uncontested divorce is exactly what it is. The divorce is uncontested and both parties agree to the ending of the marriage. It is normally very simple and straight forward. If both parties agree to end the relationship then that is all that is needed. Sounds easy right?
If you are a foreinger however you will need to take extra special care with an uncontested divorce in Thailand. We recommend contacting our Divorce Lawyers to find out the difficulties that an uncontested marriage can cause for foreign nationals.
Both parties will need to be present if an uncontested divorce is to be recognized.
A contested divorce is much more difficult and can be very costly. Our expert team of Divorce Lawyers are well versed in how to provide the best possible outcome for a client.
One member of the marriage has recourse to end the legal marriage in court. There may be many reasons to end a marriage such as a spouse cheating, stealing, being an abusive partner or being absentee spouse. For some marriages a contested divorce is the only option available.
Why you need our help?
Its simple. If you are a foriegner or Thai national then you need to seek the advice and counsel of a Divorce Lawyer. We will guide you on the proper way to proceed if you can and inform what will need to done. We can handle your divorce from start to finish. If you are thinking about or need to hire a divorce lawyer in then look no further than Tarrant Legal.

Prenuptial Agreement

What is a prenuptial agreement? Simply put it is a written contract that both parties agree to and sign before entering marriage. There are dozens of reasons why a couple may want to get a prenup before getting married. Marriage joins two people together not only romantically but financially. This becomes incredibly important if you have many assets that are worth a lot of money.
If you own property in Thailand then it is likely you want to make sure that you will keep that property in the event of an unfortunate divorce. Without a prenup you could lose assets that mean a lot to you. Your fancy car, that beautiful home you built or even your entire business. That is why it is vital to have a prenup if you want to protect your self fully. No one knows what may happen in the future.
Why you need Tarrant Legal?
Maybe you are unsure if you need one. We often use a Private Investigator to find out if a person is hiding previous debts or assets from their new partner. We comb through all information found and can determine whether you need a prenup. If you do then our legal divorce team in Thailand knows exactly how to create an air tight prenuptial agreement.
For more information do not hestitate to get in contact with us today and protect yourself.

Marital Property

The preferred outcome of any divorce is an ameccable one. Where both parties get what they want and it spends very little time in court. Unfortunately this scenario rarely happens and martial property and assets need to be split after a divorce is finalised.
Thai law is different from other countries in how it deals with marital property in a divorce. Two categories govern property in a marriage. Sin Suan Tua (meaning separate property) and Sin Somros (meaning martial property).
During a divorce thai courts view both property types and determine who gets what. Thats why we recommend getting a free consultation from one of our Property Lawyers to determine the type of property you have.
If there is doubt as to which category a property belongs to then it will be deemed as Sin Somros (marital property).

Child Custody

Gaining custody of a child in Thailand can be very tricky. Whenever a couple decide to divorce then what happens to their child or children soon follows. Who lives with who?, who gets custody?, what rights do each parent have if they are granted custody? These are just a few of the questions that often arise during a custody battle.
There are two types procedures of custody granted in Thailand.
1. Child custody by Mutual agreement
2. Child custody decided by the court
Our legal team knows just how to deal with child custody cases. For more advice on what to do and what legal rights you have as a parent please contact our team today.

Child Support Thailand

Child support is very important for married individuals aswell as couples who have divorced.
The court can decide who has to pay child support.
During divorce proceedings where a settlement cannot be reached between the two parties for who is responsible for child support, the court then steps in. Usually the parent who has not been granted custody is required to pay child support. The court decides how much is to be paid for financial support to the custodial parent. Even in a circumstance where there is joint custody one parent may still be required to pay financial support to the other.
The father of a child born outside of marriage is not required by law to pay child support. However if you believe a child is legitimate then it can be brought to the court and a Thai law will determine the legitimacy of that child and who gets custody and who will pay child support all in the same case.
We know how important it is to make sure a child is cared for properly. This includes the childs safety and financial status. Our Child Support Lawyers in are experts in finding out everything they need and creating a solid plan of action that benefits you the client and most of all your child.
Get in contact now to ensure a safe future for your family.

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