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Tarrant Legal is a leading legal firm in the United States and UK. Specializing in Litigation, Will, Notary, Private Investigation, Property Purchase, Power of Attorney, Divorce and much more. Any legal help you need Tarrant Legal has the perfect Lawyer for you. English speaking lawyers are ready to help you.

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Family Law

Our specialist legal team can sort all your family legal needs. From marriage certificates to prenuptuial agreements. 



Immigration services can be very difficult in Thailand. We makethe process as straight forward as possible for you.



Our Expert Litigation Lawyers are waiting to help you today with all your legal needs.


Business Law

Setting up or running a business in United States & UK can be tough. Our business lawyers can help you understand what it is you need.


Legal Services​

Our legal team are experts in all aspects of Legal Services. We can handle all your legal queries and needs. 


Property Law

Interested in purchasing property? Make sure you know everything you need when buying property in the United States & UK.

Why Us?

We live in a complicated world where anything can happen and does happen. We firmly believe that all people should prepare for all eventualities as best they can. We can help with all your legal needs, including Business Registration, Child Adoption, Prenuptial Agreement, Child Support, Private Investigation and much more.
Legal battles can be incredibly difficult and costly, cause undue stress. Some cases can last for years and years. What you really need is an expert, trustworthy legal team that will fight for you not against you. Tarrant Legal is exactly who you need in your corner.
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