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Thai Business Law

If you are planning to create a business in Thailand then it is a must that you have your business registered. Thailand is brimming with new business opportunities. Thailands economy is booming and growing every year. New businesses are popping up all the time. We can help with business registration company in thailand.
With out a business registration certificate you will not be able to do business in the Kingdom. You will also receive a business registration number and business license. With both of these your business will be officially registered in Thailand with the DBD. Fantastic.
Tarrant legals corporate lawyers help individuals and companies daily with Company Setup. From start to finish, everything you may need. If you are a foreigner and you want to start a business in Thailand then be warned that you will only be able to hold 49% of your company and the other 51% must be held by a Thai National.
We highly recommend only going into business with some one you fully trust as this can be very risky and costly if something does go wrong. If it does we are here to help with those proceedings aswell.
For westerners and foreigners a work permit will be needed to start and operate your company. We can help with that too.
As a company grows so does it revenue and expenditure. At a certain point it becomes very difficult to maintain by yourself. Hiring an accountant to do your Accountanting & Tax is an absolute must, for personal and business tax.
An accountant will keep your records in order and up to date. And if you are planning to make an offshore investment we can help point you with all the legal requirements so you don’t waste time and money.
BOI or Board of Investment in Thailand regularly helps new entrepenuers who want to invest in Thailand by either forming a new company or buying a business. If you meet the requirements to be accepted by the BOI then they will help to promote your business in Thailand. This can be very powerful for a new company and open new streams of revenue.
Want to form a Thai Foundation? Brilliant. There is no better place to start a foundation that Thailand. The kingdom defines a foundation as assets that have been arranged for charity, religion, arts, science, literature, education, or any public interests that are duly registered under the regulations of the law.
Thai Foundations are generally formed to benefit the society or area they reside in. Donations are allowed so long as they help to acheive the goals of the foundation, the director, manager, trustee or any member may benefit financially from the foundation outside of the foundations goal. Simply put no person may profit unduly from the Thai Foundation.
Now that you understand the formation of a Business in Thailand and what comes with that, now you must get an idea of what it takes to dissolve your company. This is called Dissolution of Company and it is more common than you would think. People usually dissolve their Thai Business when it is no longer financially viable. Why keep a business and pay taxes when your business is no longer turning a profit. It is easier and more sensible to dissolve it.
Dissolving a company will mean it no longer legally exists. It can be decided by the shareholders or by a court. Our corporate lawyers are fanastic when it comes to Thai Business law and know everything there is to know. They can help in every aspect you may need. Even things you didnt think about or consider. We recommend getting in contact today to start your business journey in Thailand.

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